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STEAM Senior STEAM Educational Designer&Coach, Writer, Maker, Artist

Research&Development Codemotion Kids!

present: I work for Codemotion and I take care of Research&Development for Codemotion Kids! project that regards education activities for kids&young in the areas of digital fluency in terms of: Robotics, Creative Computing & Tinkering. I'm  in charge to design and develop educational activities and to design products&services for edutaiment's business.  As coach I design, plan, and hold several labs and courses about Coding, Robotics and Tinkering (Scratch, LEGO Robotics, AppInventor, ecc)
I'm a maker (Trash Toys builder) and multimedia digital designer; I have published the first italian book created with QR Codes (title: GeoFilm Roma). I have published Cronache da Scratch, a novel book which contains seven short funny stories about Scratch world (MIT visual programming language) as seen by the sprite's side.
my past: 20+ years spent in telecommunications & ICT; 5 years in elearning & consultancy

SPECIALITIESEducational Robotics / LegoRobotics - Creative Computing (Scratch, TurtleArt, Processing, AppInventor) - Tinkering - Making , Telecommunications & Network - Wiki and Collaborative platforms - QR code specialist - Social Media, Community, Coaching


2020 - Codemotion/Amazon - Webinar "IS AI intelligent?"  I have designe and run a massive webinar for teachers/educators about AI.

2020 - Codemotion/Amazon - Webinar "The Great Beauty of Scratch"  I have designe and run a massive webinar for teachers/educators about the best use of Scratch in education.


2020> - PDP Free Software User Group/ DOORS Project.
I have designed and ran the OnLine course about Creative Learning/Scratch for teachers and educators.

2020TG Scratch -  creator of a playful-educational video format simulating a news tv channel using the Scratch language as scenario Videos available on youtube TG Scratch channel

2019>  LunARia (Codemotion / EduTech Research&Development) - I am the curator of LunARia, an exhibition in Augmented Reality that tells the story of humans on the Moon, eleven facts that link the past to the next future of lunar missions. I created the contents and coordinated the development of 3D models and the software. LunARia was presented at Maker Faire Rome 2019


2019>  Fabriano / Makerspace inside Multimedia Library - On the occasion of UNESCO Creative Cities Network Annual Conference I ran an interactive talk and workshop about How to nurture creativity

2019>  Scuola di Robotica / NaoChallenge2019 - I have been one of the judges at humanoid robotics competition NaoChallenge in Zagarolo (RM). I have met 17 teams of high schools and assessed the presentations of their iprojects about "Social Inclusion in Education with NAO" 


2019>  Codemotion / EduTech Research&Development - I take care of Research&Development activities about technologies for educational purposes (Educational Robotics, Coding, Tinkering, and so on) and about learning models.. I'm in charge to design annual laboratories, courses and workshops for kids & young, and to design products and services for edutainment projects

2019I published Cronache da Scratch 2 - La rivoluzione degli Yotta ed altri racconti . Written with Raffaella Micheli it is the second volume of the saga of stories based on the most used visual programming language in the world,

Cronache da Scratch 2

2018>  Codemotion /Campustore/ MaKerFaireRome 2018 - I have held three workshops for high school teachers about: How to build Coding&STEM in high school using Lego Mindstorm EV3

2018> Codemotion / MaKerFaireRome 2018 - I have designed the Creative Learning Area and the activities devoted to teachers/educators. I have also designed a TecnoFashion lab for parent-child couples.

2018>  faccequadre - start of production of a line of satirical cartoons based on square-faced characters

2018>  Codemotion - I am the creator and curator of KAPPA, a magazine made with content produced by children / teens attending CodemotionKids course


2017>  Codemotion /AdaLabs  I have devised the AdaLabs, girls-oriented technology courses with the aim of breaking down the gender gap in scientific and technological fields. In particular, I designed and conducted the Robotics Girls (Robotics for girls 11-13) and MakeApp (app for mobile devices for girls 14-18) courses. 

AdaLab - MakeApp


2017>  Tinkering Workshop for teachers of Istituto Comprensivo Dalla Chiesa (ROMA) - I have designed and conducted an half day workshop abount Tinkering in Education for about 25 school teachers

Workshop Tinkering IC Dalla Chiesa

(photo credits: Stefania Bassi, IC Dalla Chiesa)

2017>  Codemotion / Scratch Hackathon   - I have designed and conducted the first edition of Scratch Hackathon by Codemotion Kids! with 70 participants from 8 to 16 years grouped into 30 teams

Scratch Hackathon 2017

2017>  Codemotion / AdaLab at Campidoglio   - I have designed and conducted a programming workshop using microbit, for 45 high school girls with the aim of overcoming the gender gap in the STEM sectors. The workshop was held in the morning of the 4th of May at the Protomoteca's room with the patronage of the Roma Semplice,  department of municipality of Roma


2016>  Codemotion / School of Technology for kids & Young by Codemotion Kids! - I have designed the school model, ideating the learning paths for kids&young (8-18).  I'm in the Board of CodemotionKids that is in charge to design and develop educational activities. As coach I design, plan, and deliver several labs and courses about Coding, Robotics Making/Tinkering, Design (Scratch, LEGO Robotics, AppInventor, micro:bit, Tinkercad, ecc)

2016>  Codemotion / Teacher Camp for Marymount International School Rome   - Summer school for teacher about coding and digital fabrication. 

2016>  Codemotion / Student Workshops for Marymount International School Rome   -  4  coding's Workshops for high school students

2016>  Codemotion / British Telecom - Digital Family Day   - ludic and educational event about Robotics & Making for employees' children

2016>  Codemotion / Groupama - Digital Family Day   - ludic and educational event about Coding for employees' children

2016>  Codemotion / European Space Agency ESA-ESRIN   - Scratch Workshop for employees' children

2016>  Codemotion / 5° TimGirlsHackathon (BARI CAGLIARI FIRENZE PADOVA)  -  Responsible of educational project and coach . In the course of the whole day, the participants took familiar with programming of APPs through the instrument AppInventor, then the groups have designed their first app on the topic of cyberbullying.

2016>  Codemotion/Marymount International School Rome -  Coach of Digital Culture in Education for Teachers: a course about new educational paths using digital technologies: Tinkering & Creative Learning, Programming, Electronics&Prototyping, Robotics, Design,  Digital Fabrication & Making

2016>  Codemotion/Petranova International Institute - Scratch "Games To Learn" Course -  Coach of scratch's course on games  theme, for 6th grade girls 

2016> Codemotion / TimGirlsHackathon VENEZIA TORINO NAPOLI CATANIA -  Responsible of educational project and coach . In the course of the whole day, the participants took familiar with programming of APPs through the instrument AppInventor, then the groups have designed their first app on the topic of cyberbullying.

2015successfully completed and received a passing grade in Mobile Computing with App Inventor, a course of study offered by TrinityX, an online learning initiative of Trinity College - Connecticut through edX.

2015>  TimGirlsHackathon Milano -  I collaborated with Codemotion to the design and implementation of the TimGirlsHackathon Milano, a one-day coding event, dedicated to high school girls. The event was held at the TIM #Wcap Accelerator in Milano. In the course of the whole day, the participants took familiar with programming of APPs through the instrument AppInventor, then the groups have designed their first app on the topic of cyberbullying.

2015>  Maker & Speaker at third edition of Maker Faire Rome, My talks was: Trash Toys for Creative Learning 

2015>  Digital Accademia/ Makers Camp for Kids - Tinkering SummerCamp -  designer and coach of the Tinkering Camp, held during the Makers Camp for Kids week at Digital Academy. During the five days camp, the participants have developed a thematic project, and created machines, creatures and objects, experimenting with different types of materials and tools in atypical way: such as clay, stones, recycled material, cardboard, motors, LEDs, wires , etc.

2015>  Codemotion/CodemotionKids SummerCamp -  Coach of Lego Robotics workshops for kids 9-13 

2015>  Codemotion / Lycée Chateaubriand of Rome - Scratch Course (Base level) -  Coach of scratch's course (Base Level) for 5th - 8th grade 

2015>  TimGirlsHackathon Bologna -  I collaborated with Codemotion to the design and implementation of the TimGirlsHackathonBologna, a one-day coding event, dedicated to high school girls. The event was held at the TIM #Wcap Accelerator in Bologna. In the course of the whole day, the participants took familiar with programming of APPs through the instrument AppInventor, then the groups have designed their first app on the topic of cyberbullying.

2015> - created and conducted a two hours workshop for teachers about the use of coding at school (inside the RomeCup2015 event)

2015>  Codemotion/Petranova International Institute - Scratch "storytelling" Course -  Coach of scratch's course on storytelling theme, for 5th grade girls 

2015>  TimGirlsHackathon Roma -  I collaborated with Codemotion to the design and implementation of the TimGirlsHackathon, a one-day coding event, dedicated to high school girls. The event was held at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome. 
In the course of the whole day, the 70 participants took familiar with programming of APPs through the instrument AppInventor, then the groups have designed their app on the topic of cyberbullying.

  • I have been one of the coaches of the event; holding tutorials in the morning, and supporting the girls in afternoon in the development of their idea / app through AppInventor.
  • I designed and implemented training materials for mentors (TIM professionals) and the tutorials used during the event.
  • I cured the coordination of coaches and mentors
  • I designed and created the graphic design for RollUp prints in the halls, inspired to "The Muse of the MIST" (italian for STEM)"
  • I designed and built the App "Le Muse della MIST", which illustrates the biography of some of the women who have made and continue to make the history of technological innovation.

Adriano Parracciani al TimGirlsHackathon

2015>  Codemotion/CodemotionKids -  coach & designer of afterschool Lego Robotics labs (called WeBot)  

2014Hour of Code / City of Lucignano -  I have conducted an HourOfCode workshop for kids inside the Lucignano Town Library. Participants experienced their first hour of programming using Scratch software

2014Codemotion/CodemotionKids - Vodafone Digital Day, educational event. A daily evento devoted to children of Vodafone employees, who have been involved in workshops and activities designed to introduce the young participants into robotics, coding, computing, electronics and digital creativity. I have curated and coordinated workshops and activities in one of the of nine site involved 

2014Participated in the second edition of Maker Faire Rome, with double role: maker with TrashToys project, and coach for CodemotionKids, in conducting workshops about LegoRobotics &  Scratch+MakeyMakey 

Play Piotta Controller 

2014Codemotion/CodemotionKids -  coach & designer of afterschool Lego Robotics labs (called WeBot)  

2014 initiated collaboration with Codemotion srl company. I'm involved (as teacher/coach) in  CodemotionKids project that regards education activities for young in the areas of: robotics, computing&coding, electronics

2014> I have published (self-publishing) a little book titled Cronache da Scratch (Chronicles from Scratch) that I wrote together with Raffaella Micheli. The book contains seven short funny stories about Scratch world as seen by the sprite's side. It tells stories of how sprites live inside Scratch cloud, what they feel about coders, and how they relate with code applied to them. So, a funny way to talk about Scratch, coding and creative computing

  Cronache da Scratch

 2014I have developed the website for Manifattura Impruneta  (Italian manufacturer of terracotta tiles and garden products), I took care of the design, installation & configuration of software and related services. I also designed the logo-banner. The web site is a multilingual dynamic site made ​​with the Joomla CMS

 2014> Joined the first edition of  Tinkering Fundamentals: A Constructionist Approach to STEM Learning, an OnLine Course, with certification, desigend and managed by Tinkering Studio / Exploratorium   from San Francisco. Instructors: Mike Petrich, Karen Wilkinson, Luigi Anzivino.
This professional development course helps educators develop a practice of tinkering and making. This course focuses on key design elements of high quality science-rich tinkering activities, facilitation strategies, and environmental organization.


 2014  designed and conducted the Tinkering Summer Camp held on June 23 to 27 in Digital Accademia
A week in which a dozen boys and girls aged 9 to 13 yrs, have experienced, explored and played to make the Maker, the Artists, and Programmers. During the week the participants: have built ScaraBots (robots that draw scribbles), created  sculptures with LED  and squishy circuits, made drawings through programming using Turtle Art (the programmable Turtle ); created programs and projects with Scratch (visual programming language) and MakeyMakey board, and conducted a series of educational and leisure activities (unplugged). Carried out in collaboration with Raffaella Micheli and Carmelo Presicce. (Photo Gallery)


2014  Invited by Coder Dojo Roma during the Scratch Day I held The Great Beauty of Scratch a seminar devoted to adults, parents and educators. While kids attended the CoderDojo, adults followed this session about the history and goals of Scratch, and the benefits from educational (and social) point of view. (Photo Gallery)


2014  During the RomeCup2014  event, on 19 March, I held three Hour Of Code/Creative Computing workshops for high school students, who had have their first experience as coders using Scratch


2014  I was one of the moderators of Learning Creative Learning  online course (MOOC) produced by MIT Media Lab. LCL course is mainly aimed to teachers, educators, coaches, and for everyone who want know about ideas and strategies for supporting creative learning, with special focus on the role of new technologies 

 2014  CodemotionKids Open Day,an event to allow kids and parents to discover the world of programming, and to promote the afterschool's computer science courses / workshops made by ​​Codemotion. I have presented the CodeART  lab, a learning module on ART theme using the visual programming language Scratch   

Scratch Mentor at GGJ14  2014   I was among the mentors of "From Scratch" lab, organized by CoderDojoRoma within the GlobalGameJam Roma14 which was held at the Faculty of Engineering of Roma Tre University. About twenty participants (7 to 13 years)  have made their first experience programming with Scratch and have had the opportunity to experiment and play with a touch panel that I made to be used with Scratch software via Makey Makey board

2013   Tutor of Hour fo Code event in Roma, realized by Rome Makers FabLab in occasion of Computer Science Education Week. During the event called  L'Amatriciana è un Algoritmo participants experienced their first hour of programming through a series of Scratch projects (visual programming language) that I prepared especially for the "Hour of Code" events

  2013  OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) used some my artworks to illustrate the following report ENHANCING CO-OPERATION TO PREVENT TRAFFICKING IN HUMAN BEINGS IN THE MEDITERRANEAN REGION (read more

 2013   IntroROBOTICA a workshop to bring young people, (aged 8 to 14 years) to the Educational Robotic. Conducted in collaboration with the Roma Makers FabLab


2013  Exhibitor at Maker Faire Rome (the first European edition) with a Tinkering  lab where was possible to see and make ScaraBots&Co (scribble robots) using recovery materials. Also held a specific Workshop

Adriano Parracciani al MakerFaireRome2013

credits: Alessandra Frantoni

 2013  member of Scratch  Educator comunity

  2013   joined the first edition of Creative Computing Online Workshop (CCOW), designed and operated by Team ScratchEd / Harvard University. CCOW is for for educators, teachers & trainers of Creative Computing / Scratch. Among the various projects I created the MaMa Clarinet  a DIY clarinet  that plays with a Scratch through the MakeyMakey board connected  to the PC  

 2013  Participated to the National Day of Journalists in the Grass. with two  two laboratories of tinkering (first time in Rome): ScaraBot and BigliaPark, managed in collaboration with Maria Beatrice Rapaccini

 2013  at "MusciPlease",  a public event held in Latina where I was with a stand to promote Educational Robotics in partnership with Luogo Arte Accademia Musicale  music accademy

WeBot @Music Please (Latina 27042013)

 2013  Joined the Learning Creative Learning online course (MOOC) by MIT Media Lab
I created a Google+ communuty, The Spirals, to discuss, share and collaborate in the activities of the course. I carried out the role of Community Manager in this transnational community whose participants are scattered all over the world 

 2013   Published (self publishing) 11 caotice tracce  (11 caotice's traces), eleven short stories, a mix of real and surreal, spy, noir, terrorism, company life..

 2013    launched WeBotLab project that regards training paths for facilitating and improving STEAM (Science Technology, Engineering, Art, and Matematics) competences in young people trough: Educational Robotics, Creative Computing and Tinkering


 2012   Panel speaker at the roundtable on the digital divide organized by Engineers Without Borders c/o Faculty of Engineering University of Florence; my intervention was: digital divide et impera

2012   Conceived the CineTag project.
It brings augmented reality inside  territories that become clickable. It is  a technological infrastructure and a content platform  on the theme of cinema and film locations. Citizens, tourists, passers-by, anyone transits in a place used as a location for a movie, can be informed and receive more info via smartphone. This thanks to a specific label with a QR code (which we call CineTag), installed in the area. The CineTag allow  to access to multimedia content through mobile device (tablet & smatphone ). The project has been enriched and empowered by Mario Pucci with his technology platform (QR Lab). He is the technological partner


In partnership with Enny Mazzella and Michelangelo Messina (responsibles of several initiatives like Ischia Film Festival , and International Exchange of Movie Locations), CineTag was officially presented at the Ischia Film Festival in during the conferences dedicated to  Cinetourism


 2012   launched  HowTheWorld  blog (open source, wiki, makers, hacking, and digital culture)

2011   edited and published (self publishing) the book Sottolineature - estrazioni dai libri  that is a crowdsourcing collections of quotes from books

 2011  Ischia Film Festival Presented the book GeoFilm Roma   at the ninth National Conference on Cinetourism

2011    CIAK QR project in collaboration with the Motobistrò Rome: motorcycle tour of Rome visiting movie locations with QR in the book  GeoFilm Roma

 2011   launched GeoFilm Roma  blog

 2011   Designed & Conducted "Theory and Practice of QRs" (WorkShop QuRioso) a training course for Edit-Coop journalists cooperative

2011   launched log Caos Ordinato blog

2011   Design and Installation of foswiki an open source collaborative platform to be used inside  BP Informatica company

2011   Collaboration with CERES srl / BP Informatica on Service Management activities for telecommunication operators

2011   Wiki/Enterprise 2.0 consulting activities. Wiki Design, Community Management

2011   launched BeQuRios training & consulting activities about using QR codes in communication and business  (WorkShop QuRioso)  (TG-QuRioso)

  2010   launched ArcheoComputing blog

2010   Presentation of GeoFilm Roma at Roma MovieCamp 2010 

 2010   Published GeoFilm Roma a book that includes digital content available through the use of smartphone and QR codes. It is an atypical guide that leads you to discover Rome through films and movie locations










2010   Launched an international petition in favor of Alan Turing to ask the European Union countries to mint a coin in his honor in 2012, the centenary of the birth.

 2010   launched Grammi di storia blog, the History told through coins

 2010   I'm among  I'm among the founders of  Ipazia Promos a non-profit organization for the deployment and support of culture and education in Italy

 dal 2009    founder and curator of  Sottolineato - il succo dei libri a facebook community where posting quotes from books.
 2009    Il Sole24 Ore used a picture of my painting MEDITERRANEO as newsletter image for VII Forum Euro Mediterraneo

 2009    The cultural association "Le Zagare of the Mediterranean" used a picture of my painting  MEDITERRANEO to make T-shirts to raise awareness on the issue of integration between people

 2008    The publisher Viella selects my painting SHOAH as picture for the cover of the book The murderers of the memory by Pierre Vidal-Naquet, essays on Holocaust revisionism

 2008    Consultant for the first edition of  "Teleschermi"  the italian brainstorming about TV evolution (Sanremo, 28-30 may 2008).

 2007 - 2009   among the founders of  Ipazia Preveggenza Tecnologica  strategic consulting consortium company that develops strategies and initiatives for facilitating a change in the political, social, cultural and entrepreneurial sector

  • I take care of the definition of the Technological Pole,  selecting ICT companies and defining the level of integration and collaboration.
  • Responsible for interfacing between ICT companies and the direction of Hypatia PT
  • I take care of the aspects related to 'Technological Innovation and Social Media

 2007  Collaborated with  Studio Consulentelegaleinformatico di Valentina Frediani specializing in Computer Law, copyright, privacy

 2007   Dsigned and conducted the online seminar How to increase sales with eBay, for small businesse enterprise. Conducted in collaboration with  FILAS (Financial Development Agency of the Regione Lazio).


 2007    started Freelance Consultant activities

 2007   launched Arte-Erta site; my artworks online gallery

  2005 - 2007   Webloom srl: Owner and Sales Director - eLearning company

  • Sales&Marketing Responsible
  • Offering: eLearning projects & service, eLearning platform, Training Courses, Multimedia Serivces, Consulting
  • Tutoring activities on Moddle platform
  • Animatore e Tutor dei corsi online sviluppati su piattaforma MOODLE.
  • Customer: CARPOINT –privacy consulting services; CISL – multimedia training module (The history of CISL);  FILAS – Tutoring Services; Chinese Government Representatives: training course about italian welfare; Ordine dei Commercialisti di Roma; Gruppo FS; Cassa dei Dottori Commercialisti; IPSEMA, DAS

 2005  Author of "The Coins: Witnesses of Civilization" a seminar about coins designed and conducted in Rome at three high schools (Istituto G. De Sanctis)

 2004 al 2005   Infotel Italia spa (Ericsson group) Straregy&Business Development Office

  • Support on defining the Company Strategic Plan
  • ICT market analysis and desgin business proposal for the Board

  2004   Winner of “I Porti Sepolti” a narrative story contest

2000 - 2004   Infotel Italia spa (Ericsson spin-off) Account Manager / Sales&Marketing Department 

  • Bid and proposal management, Sales Responsible
  • Offering: VoIP Solutions, Networking Turn Key Projects, Network Implementations Services (Mobile and Fixed), Telecom Management Solution, Post-Sales Services.
  • Customers: Autorità Portuale di Civitavecchia, Centro Ricerche CETMA (ENEA), Blixer, BLU, Edisontel, Ericsson, LTS, Tele Sistemi Ferroviari
  • Contributing on setting up the new Sales&Marketing Department devoted to no-captive market (Ericsson Italia)
  • Promoting  and developing the Sales on no-captive market
  • Team Leader – Company WEB Site Development Project
  • Team Leader – Sales Process Definition Project
  • Repsonsible & Trainer of the internal training “Sale techniques for junior sales people”.

1999 - 2000  Cap Gemini spa: Senior Project Manager Y2K Migration

 Coordinated the activities related to Y2K upgrading of the Italian side of Hermes Data Network, the European railways data network. Acting for Tele Sistemi Ferroviari, a Telecom Italia and Ferrovie dello Stato (Italian railway)  company who manages in outsourcing the Ferrovie dello Stato  Information System and Data Network.

 1998 - 1999   Cap Gemini: Business Consultant / Account Manager -  Telecom & Media Sector

  • Sales activities responsible. Customer:  Global One, Telecom Italia, Bitron, Banca CRT
  • Team Leader of Branch marketing activities workgroup.
  • Responsible of internal branch newspaper: "ISM News”
  • Responsible and Trainer of internal training courses: "Workgroup Techniques”, “Effective Meeting Management”, “Project Management”
  • Conceived the Team Spirit Office project for Human Resource Satisfaction

 1996 - 1998   Cap Gemini spa: Pre-Sales Manager (Networking, Outsourcing & Facilty Management Application Management)  

  • Pre-Sales Support to Vertical Sales Executive (Shows, Demos, Presentations, etc)
  • Responsible of technical proposals and costing definition in pre-sales
  • Trainer (Telecommunication Networks; office automation packages)
  • joining some internal workgroups in charge of design internal process like: human resource management, delivery, communications

 1992 - 1996   Cap Gemini spa: Project Manager (Networking, Outsourcing & Facilty Management) 

  • Curated the post sales phase as responsible of projects Planning, Monitoring, and Reporting, orders management;, costs control, suppliers relationship management, budget management,
  • Coordinated the technical activities in the pre-sales phase: Customer Analysis Requirement Network Solution Design, Proposal definition for System Integration, Maintenance, facility management, outsourcing.
  • Customers: Telecom Italia, France Telecom, Sprint, Bitron, Banca CRT, Banca Sella, Alenia, Lombardia Informatica
  • Internal/External Course Trainer about Telecommunication Networks

 1992   Cap Gemini spa: Network Consultant Engineer for ESA/ESOC (Darmstadt, Germany, EUREKA Mission)

  • Flight Control Team EUREKA Mission member
  • Design and implementation of  ESA/ESOC Packet and Circuit Switching Network devoted to EUREKA Mission
  • Training Course Resposible for ESA/ESOC network operators and administrators.











1987 - 1992   Sesa Italia Spa / Cap Gemini Spa: System Engineer - Telecom Branch

  • Installation, Conifguration and Maintenance activities of several Packet Data Networks:; Banca Sella; Banca CRT; S.I.A; FINSIDER; SARITEL; Aereonautica Militare; Stato Maggiore Esercito; CERVED; Alenia; ESA
  • Conducted training course about Telecommunication Networks & Protocols for customer engineers

1985   Sirio srl: Electronic Technician



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